Our Company

Al Durra National Real Estate K.S.C.C. is the Real Estate arm of National Industries Group (Holding) Co. Established at 2005.

Vision and Strategy

The Company is conscious of the key trends and drivers that shape the markets and determine the direction of companies and investors in the member states of the Cooperation Council for Arab States of the Gulf (the “GCC”) as well as the other MENA countries and the competitive landscape in which it operates, and they are the basis on which Durra builds its expertise and develops its business strategy. These trends include a rapid population growth driven by a large inflow of expatriates, higher per capita income, government spending and the existing supply and demand imbalance. The countries which the Management expects to penetrate are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt. We have Real Estate Investments all over the countries especially in United States & Europe.